Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My brother called me and informed that his hand was swelling. He asked for my help because I am a physician by profession. But even though I am a physician, there are fields that I am limited to do and the only way I could help is to give him a Hand Surgeon Los Angeles doctor that will advice him what to do.

As I know, my brother has a carpal tunnel syndrome ailment. My brother always complain to me about the pain that this syndrome brings to his hand. The physician that I gave to my brother is an expert Carpal Tunnel Surgery Los Angeles doctor that has handle many cases of carpal tunnel syndrome and has successfully healed those patient that are suffering from this ailment.

I also advised my brother to call a Ganglion Cyst Doctor Los Angeles so that his ganglion cyst will be remove because it is already big and it is causing too much attention by just looking at his hand. After this medial analysis, I am expecting a full recovery by brother from his carpal tunnel syndrome and removing his ganglion cyst problem.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Since the medical convention was canceled, I would still be away because I really needed a timeout from the clinic. Being a medical doctor is not easy. You need to have time for yourself or else you'll get sick and even acquired health problems. I needed an outlet to relieve my from the stressful job that I have. I guess I have to travel and that would be a perfect stress buster.

I already have the city guides. I have Chicago City Guides, San Diego City Guides, Dallas City Guides and my last stop will be in New York, I also have New York City Guides. These guides are event guides of the cities where I am going to visit. In this guide shows events of the city and where it will be held or venue of the event. These guide are very important because I am a tourist in the cities that I mentioned.

While I am out of my medical clinic, my wife will be the one to attend to my patients because she is also a doctor by profession. She will just catch up in New York for our anniversary. This doctor has also surprises and I want to surprise my wife in New York city.


I got a call from my friend who is also a doctor and informed me that the medical convention that is scheduled next week will be postponed and will be reschedule to another date. I am already prepared for that medical convention but since it was postponed, I need to return all the things that I prepared into my closet again.

The medical convention of physicians is an annual event that happens every third week of November. I don't know the reason why the convention was canceled but I guess I have to remove the note in my clinic that I will be away for the convention and do medial work again.